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Rock Johnson Foundation is an international Organization which works for the prosperity and well being of poor and needy people across the world. This Organization is also known by Dwayne Rock Johnson foundation. Currently Rock Johnson Foundation is serving in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Our only aim is to provide a chance to every person to become rich and fulfil his dreams. We are also supporting poor and needy children to complete their education. To achieve our goals we have launched a special lottery program with the title of Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery.

About Dwayne Rock Johnson- A King of Wrestling World

   Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a famous American wrestler and film actor. The Rock, Dwayne Douglas Johnson, was born on May 2, 1972.He is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, and throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s Attitude Era, a period of industry expansion, he was instrumental in the development and success of the WWE. Johnson spent eight years as a wrestler for WWF/E before becoming an actor. He is one of the highest-grossing and highest-paid performers in the world, with the films he has produced earning over $3.5 billion in North America and over $10.5 billion globally.


                          Besides being a good wrestler and film actor, Rock Johnson is also an active social worker. He takes a keen interest in social welfare activities.

Rock Johnson Foundation | Serving in the Right Way

                Rock Johnson established the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation in 2006 as a nonprofit organisation that helps children who are terminally sick and in danger. He and his then-wife Dany Garcia gave $1 million to the University of Miami on October 2, 2007, to help with the rebuilding of its football facilities. Johnson contributed $1,500 to a GoFundMe in 2015 to cover the cost of an abandoned dog’s surgery.

He gave $25,000 in 2017 to help with Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts. Johnson gave a gym to an Oahu, Hawaii, military post in 2018. He collaborated with Malama Kauai, a nonprofit, to aid with the cleanup and restoration of the devastation left behind by the 2018 Hawaii floods. Johnson has also collaborated on a project with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Rock Johnson Foundation Official Website | Rock Johnson Lottery

                       Rock Johnson Foundation Official Website is a source of information for Rock Johnson winners. You can access Rock Johnson Foundation Official Website.

                    The main features of Rock Johnson official website are to provide a fast and secure service to its customers.It is a great and authentic source to check Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery online. Here you can get Rock Johnson Helpline Numbers for live support through WhatsApp or Phone calls.

                     The Dwayne Johnson ROCK Foundation establishes a platform of opportunity and hope for kids. We offer programs designed to improve and empower children’s lives and self-esteem.

 Rock Johnson Foundation India | Rock Johnson Lottery

                  The Dwayne Johnson ROCK Foundation provides programs that enrich and empower the lives and self-esteem of children who are hospitalized for medical disabilities, disorders, and illnesses, creating a platform of hope and possibility for children all over the world.Rock Johnson is providing monetary help all over the world. Good news for Indians! Rock Johnson Foundation also offers its services in India. Our official head office works 24/7 in India. 


                  We aim to eradicate poverty and enrich the financial needs of poor people. A nonprofit organization, this foundation seeks to promote the prosperity and well-being of those in need and their children. Currently, we provide services to more than 30 different nations.

            The Rock Foundation also works to improve children’s health and self-esteem through its physical fitness program, which teaches children about nutrition and healthy practices for achieving fitness goals. We serve children ranging in age from infancy to twenty-two years. Our mission is to make every child happy.

Rock Johnson Foundation Helpline Number +91-784-790-6924   

                        All information about the Rock Johnson Foundation is available on our official website. We have added detailed information about all our segments. Any visitor can easily access our help page and get guidance. We have a detailed article about the Rock Johnson lottery. 


                   If you still have any questions or need any help, you can contact us at our helpline number given below. Our supporters are always available on that helpline. 

                   You have to just make a call. Our supporter will attend the call and ask you for any help. You have to give details about your problem, and our supporter will provide you with detailed guidance. 

                     You can also contact us to submit reports about scams. We are taking steps to stop scams. So, if you find any fraud, please inform us at +91-784-790-6924

Dwayne Rock Johnson Foundation lottery 2023 

                  One of the targets is to eliminate poverty in India. To achieve this target, we have started the Rock Johnson Foundation lottery program in India. Through our lottery, you can win cash prizes, Suzuki cars, motorbikes, and many more.

We have provided millions of needy people with cash prizes, cars, and other needles. 

  Our goal is to create a prosperous and healthy society. Rock has devised several lottery-based schemes to assist us in reaching our goal. Furthermore, the prizes offered by these programs to the lucky winners are massive. Every Rock Johnson Lottery participant has the opportunity to win a variety of prizes, including cash, cars, and other items. Participate and try your luck.

    Dwayne Rock Johnson Lottery Check Online

                If you have participated in the Rock Johnson lottery and now want to confirm your prize, we have created a portal. You have to visit the page to check your lottery at our official website. Paste your phone number and lottery number. Press the “check lottery” button. You will get results.

Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery Winner List 2023

           We are proud to say that we have helped more than 30,000 people through the Rock Johnson Foundation. We announce the winner list every month. These winners get their prize by contacting us. 

             We make sure the privacy of winners so, their contact digits are hidden. If you are nominated in the list then contact us on number +91-784-790-6924

No.Name of winner Phone number
1Abhijeet Kumar+91******312
2Shuruti Roy+91******458
3Sunni Sheghal+91******135
4M Bilal Rana+91******671
5Naila Kumar+91******908
6Neha Rani+91******524

                  Congratulations to these winners. You will also be informed through messages. To get your prize contact us on +91-784-790-6924

                   If you are facing any problems with registration, checking your lottery, getting your prize, or if you need any kind of help feel free to contact the Rock Johnson Foundation helpline. Always feel free to contact our professional for assistance. Our helpline number is +91-784-790-6924


How to participate in the Rock Johnson Foundation lottery?

                   Our team has made special efforts to make sure that the Rock Johnson Foundation lottery is easy to play and win. We are glad to announce that our lottery is easily accessible, and anyone can play and win it. 

Some simple steps to winning the lottery:

  1. Visit our official website
  2.  Register your lottery
  3.  Play a quiz-based game
  4.  You will get your prize soon

                       So, what are you waiting for? Register for your lottery right now and try your luck.

How do you register for the Rock Johnson Foundation lottery?

                  Since the start of our company, it has been our priority to make the Rock Johnson Foundation lottery easy, accessible, and approachable to everyone. Our expert team has made a great effort to make the lottery easy to win. We made the Rock Johnson website the most user-friendly. Even a person who is not very educated can use this website easily. Our expert team has worked tirelessly to make this website so user-friendly that even a first-time visitor can easily navigate it. Every Indian can win the lottery through it.

                  To register for your lottery, visit our official website. Remember that many fraudulent websites are working on the internet, so please visit only official websites.

  • After reaching the official website, go to the registration page. You will see a very user-friendly page. Click on the button “register lottery”. Our team will ask you some questions. You have to provide
  • Your first name and your second name.
  • Your contact number, which is always available.
  • Provide your email address.
  • Provide your permanent address where you live.
  • Enter the zip code of your residence.
  • Make certain that all of the information you provide is correct. Press the “register” button. Congratulations! Your lottery has been registered. You will soon receive a message.

Eligibility| Who can participate in the Rock Johnson Foundation lottery?

The Rock Johnson Lottery Program is intended for the poor and needy. Our goal is to assist people who are living in poverty. This program is only intended to help needy children and their parents have a bright future. The following are the basic requirements for participating in the Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery program:

  1.  Participants in the Rock Johnson lottery program must be of sound mind.
  2.  The participant must have a local government identity card.
  1.  He or she must come from a middle or lower-class family.
  2.  Anyone with a large bank balance is not permitted to participate in the program.

We hope you will follow our guidance.

Participation in Rock Johnson Lottery Program 2023

                Our team has to frequently face the question, “Who can participate in the Rock Johnson lottery? ”We want to make sure that anyone in India who is struggling financially and cannot maintain themselves is eligible for assistance.. Our objective is to assist as many individuals as possible financially.

Rock Johnson Physical Training For Disabled Children

             The Rock Foundation’s physical training program also aims to improve children’s fitness and self-esteem. The Rock Johnson Foundation is ready to help those in need become financially independent.

              Our goal is to build an economically sound and healthy society. Rock has introduced certain lottery-based schemes to help us reach our objective. Additionally, the prizes offered by these programs for the lucky winners are enormous. Every participant in the Rock Johnson Lottery has a chance to win a variety of rewards, including cash, cars, and more.

Rock Johnson scams, Rock Johnson Foundation frauds, and fraudulent messages and calls

                  We started the Rock Johnson Foundation to help the poor and needy, but some fraudsters started misusing our name. Some scams are making fraud with the name of the Rock Johnson Foundation and making scams. Such people make people fools and harm them financially. Moreover, due to such fraudsters, we lose our respect and trust. Our customers become worried and hesitate.

                    If you receive any message through numbers starting with “092,”  “+92,” or “+93,” do not trust these messages. Such numbers are Pakistani numbers and are used to scam people. Such fraudsters use the name of the Rock Johnson Foundation to commit fraud. 

                   These days a fraud message is going viral which consists of the body as follows

                   “Hello, dear! Congratulations! You have won the Rock Johnson lottery. To receive your prize call us on number +92 *******.”

                Remember that such numbers are fraud numbers. Do not trust such numbers.

 What to do if you receive any fraudulent messages?

                  These days, fraud is common, so if you receive any scam messages, you should contact our head office. Our expert will guide you. We receive hundreds of reports that they got into scams. Such fraudsters use our company name and demand personal information and money. Do not provide them with money or personal information. Such fraudsters have robbed thousands of people. Victims claim that they used the Rock Johnson Foundation name to make the scam. 

       Rock Johnson Foundation Complaint Department | Submit Complaint Now!

                   If you receive such a message, immediately report it to the head office. Contact us at the number given below and give us all the information you have about the fraud. Remember that if you report us immediately, we can take legal steps against such scams. Through your help, we can stop such fraud and serve our customers safely. This little step can save a lot of people from being a victim

                     Do not provide them with money or your personal information such as bank account id, debit card pin, password, etc.

 The Rock Johnson Foundation Complaint Department is the only legitimate way to file and resolve Rock Johnson Foundation-related complaints. Don’t be concerned. You can now file a complaint against the Rock Johnson Foundation without hesitation. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

 Our helpline number is +91-784-790-6924



 Why trust us?

                   The Rock Johnson Lottery is run by the Rock Johnson Foundation. Using this official website, we are safely serving over 25,000 people who want to play and win the lottery. We are currently serving in the following countries: India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Kenya, and South Africa are among the countries represented. Germany, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Finland, and other countries

               Scammers are using the Rock Johnson Foundation’s name in their schemes. Due to such scams, people stopped trusting us. But still, many people are participating and winning prizes. Rock Johnson is currently serving in more than 30 countries.

                    We are glad to help thousands of needy people. Through our financial support, thousands of people are enjoying a good lifestyle. We are happy to serve such people. Our mission is to eradicate poverty, and we are firm in this commitment. We are hopeful that our mission will be successful.