IPL Win App Review: Is it the Main Bet Exchange in India?

Bet exchange platforms get launched rather rarely, in contrast to regular sportsbooks. The bookmakers typically prefer to have a house edge that is implemented in their odds rather than providing a service for punters in exchange for a fixed fee. This makes the IPLwin app rather special, as it is almost the only decent local bet exchange platform in India. The service provided there is definitely a comprehensive one, so it is worth it to review the platform in detail.

Pros and Cons of the Platform

Most advantages and drawbacks related to wagering in this application compared to a regular sportsbook exactly match the ones related to comparing these types of services in general. Generally speaking, the strongest advantage the IPLwin app has to offer is the fact that it is a bet exchange platform, while its strongest downside is that it is not a regular sportsbook.

Benefits of using the Platform

  1. A chance to find higher odds than at regular bookmakers.
  2. Several generous deals are available to all users.
  3. Decent coverage of cricket.
  4. A chance to play against other users rather than against the bookmaker.

Downsides to using the Platform

  1. The coverage of other sports is worse than in regular sportsbooks.
  2. There is a fee charged for every bet that wins.
  3. The app’s interface is rather outdated.

Main Features

Overviewing the key features the IPLwin app provides its players with is a great way to see the broader picture before analyzing the details of each particular aspect of the service. In contrast to a regular wagering platform, the IPLwin app does not have as many additional features the users can benefit from. However, all the essential mechanics are present, allowing the punters to still have a full experience with basic bet exchanging.

Pre-Match and Exchanging

Of course, wagering is the core feature of the application. This bet exchange platform supports wagers for pre-live events. The assortment of available sports and events is rather limited, but the platform still covers all the major tournaments and leagues. The corresponding section of the IPLwin app is extremely easy to find and it offers intuitive navigation through different sports and competitions.

Account Management

With the IPLwin app, it is also possible to manage your account without the necessity of visiting the website of the company. The assortment of settings available for configuration is not exactly extensive, but it has all the basic parameters the majority of users will be looking for. The account management section of the IPLwin app is also easy to find and comfortable to use.


Similar to regular sportsbooks, the users of this bet exchange platform have to make a deposit before they can submit a wager. This feature is also available in the application. Just like with all the other features of the platform, the cashier is rather basic but functional. It provides the users with enough options to choose from, but compared to regular bookmakers, it is a relatively short list of payment methods.


The mobile edition of the platform allows its users to benefit from exclusive offers and deals as well. All the bonuses that are available on desktops are also claimable in the mobile version, excluding the need to exit the IPLwin app for users who desire to activate a promotion. The set of offers itself is not as long as in some sportsbooks, but there are still a couple of offers that might be interesting for new punters.

Deposits and Withdrawals in the Application

Managing your transactions is rather comfortable on this platform. Unlike regular bookmakers, the IPLwin app generates its revenues by taking a percentage of all winning bets as fees for the service. It means that it has no incentive to be very strict with checking the transactions of its users, which in turn allows the platform to process deposits and withdrawals quickly.

Deposit Methods and Terms

To top up their balance, a user may utilize one of the seven supported payment methods. Of course, it is easy to find a classic sportsbook that has a larger list of accepted banking methods, but this app still fulfills the needs of most punters. Here, it is possible to deposit via one of the following payment options:

  • Visa and MasterCard;
  • PhonePE, PayTM, GPay;
  • Skrill and Neteller;
  • Paypal.

The lowest sum a punter can add to their balance is 1,000 INR, which is quite average both for sportsbooks and bet exchange platforms in India. The maximum deposit sum is different for every type of payment option, but it is always a comfortable amount for casual users. There are no fees charged for processing incoming transactions.

Withdrawal Methods and Terms

Withdrawals in the IPLwin app are supported via the same banking methods that are accepted for deposits. Similarly, the lowest sum that it is possible to withdraw from the platform is 1,000 INR, enabling the punters to become as flexible with their transactions as they want.

A massive benefit the platform grants to high rollers is associated with its withdrawal limits. Once again, thanks to the general principle of operating, it does not have to limit its players in any way, as the revenues are generated from the bets themselves. The withdrawal limit here is only implemented for security reasons, but it is around 400,000 INR per day, which is many times higher than what an average player will need to cash out.

Expectedly, there are no fees charged for processing the withdrawals. The processing periods may vary depending on the methods selected. For example, with net banking, withdrawals may take up to three days to be processed due to the security procedures requested by the banks themselves. With e-wallets, most withdrawals are instant. 

Promotions and Deals

The set of promotions available in the IPLwin app is rather diverse. First of all, there is a small welcome bonus claimable by all new users: it grants 101 INR without requiring a deposit. Another persistent deal is a small deposit rebate that credits the user with 1% of their deposit. The good news is that this promotion is unlimited and can be activated as many times as needed.

The bonus terms are especially great in this app. The wagering requirements for most promotions are only x1. Of course, it is explained by the low value of bonuses themselves, but some punters prefer to have a higher chance of withdrawing a smaller bonus rather than vice versa.

VIP Membership

A whole other group of promotions is only available to the app’s VIP users. VIP membership is earned via the app’s loyalty program. It has eleven different tiers a user can reach, each of them granting better benefits than the previous one. Advancement through tiers is tied to the deposit sums: a minimum cash-in sum is assigned for every tier. 

The two main benefits include access to the app’s personal VIP support team and an option to claim the VIP-exclusive bonus. The bonus sum is increased with every tier, granting the highest benefits to the most active punters of the platform. Moreover, there is another cash-back deal that is also improved for every higher tier of the program. To apply for the first tier or to have their tier upgraded, the players have to contact the support team

Wagering Markets and Events

As already mentioned in this IPLwin app review, the assortment of wagering markets and events is rather limited. It is associated with the main principle of the platform, as there would be no exchange possible in case there were not enough players submitting wagers for specific events. 

Therefore, the app mostly provides the most basic betting options for the most popular events. However, it is impossible not to mention the platform’s focus on cricket, as the coverage for this sport is significantly better than for others.