Both headphones and microphones have a lot of things in common such as they both have a diaphragm. In this article you will learn how to use earphone mic on PC. 

So, How can you Set up Headset on a PC?

First, to utilize your headphones, you must plug in your device. Even though this is a straightforward procedure, it can be challenging to recall the connections on your computer that are open to audio devices. You have two options for setting up your headphones: wirelessly or with a cable that plugs into a port on your computer. Owners of headphones have the following choices to choose from : Well also if you were looking to buy headphone that meet to your expectations then check out this article best headphones under 1500 Inr In India.

  • USB

Due to inbuilt amps and controls, USB-powered headphones offer improved experiences. But there isn’t much of a quality difference between 3.5mm and USB jacks.

  • 3.5mm Jack

Older headphones feature a wire split at one end and are more reasonably priced. This enables the microphone to be connected to two 3.5mm audio jacks.

  • Wireless

Both a Bluetooth and a USB wireless receiver can be utilized with these headphones. They save you from having to worry about making a mess by taking away all of the cables from your computer. 

How can you use headphones with a mic for a PC?

As working from home has grown commonplace, headphones with built-in microphones are becoming essential. Not all devices may be plug-and-play. To get the settings to function properly, you may need to change them sometimes. Particularly relevant to Windows 10 machines is this.

Electronics can be designed at the same time, allowing you to tailor sound settings to specific events. This can occasionally cause your computer to misinterpret which machine is being employed for specific settings, including such microphone input. As a result, your Windows PC may fail to recognise your headphones as the default input device.

Following are the steps how you can set your headphone as the default device:

First you need to check to see if your wireless or wired gadgets are properly linked. In the lower right corner of your screen, select the sound icon. The sound options will be available for you to choose.

To access the Sound Control Panel, click on it to the right of Settings. Make your headphones your default input device on the control panel.

It’s possible for third-party audio applications like Zoom to make your system preferences override your preset choices. Make sure they are off to prevent any disturbance.

What to do if the jack on your headphone is one while the jack on your computer is two?

In case your headset only has one jack or maybe you have two jacks on your computer, you need to follow the steps below: 

  • For PC

Find the sound icon in the bottom right corner of the Taskbar to use single-jack headphones on your computer. To open the Sound Settings, click the icon. Additionally, you can access the Sound Options through the Control Panel. Go to the Recording tab when the Sound Settings window has been launched. The location of your microphone should be here. If not, select “Setup Microphone”

The system ought to start functioning after the validation procedure for your microphone has begun. After clicking Apply, leave the settings.

Make sure your headphones are functional. 

  • For Apple 

Mac users won’t experience this issue because the machine only has one audio input/output slot. The steps listed below can be utilized to assist you if you’re having issues.

On your Mac, click the Apple logo in the upper left corner. Once you have opened the menu , select System Preferences.

Sound may be found under System Preferences. Click on it to open it, then select the last tab—Input—on the menu.

Select the microphone you want to use as the default. Check to see if your headphones are working by closing the window.

How can you enable or disable your headset mic? 

Click on the Sound section. From the Input section, choose Device property. Your microphone ought to be turned on by default. Drag your cursor to the right of the volume bar to raise volume, and vice versa to decrease volume. To switch the gadget on/off, uncheck or tick the Disable option. Once you’ve finished, your PC won’t be able to access the microphone any longer.


One can utilize these options to manage sound devices. You can switch one or more microphones on or off by following these procedures. You just got the tutorial on how you can use a headphone mic on a PC and we hope the article has helped you to do so.