Boundaries Of The Limitless: The Best Exchanges And Tips For Freelancers

Best Platforms and Tips for Freelancers

Remote freelance work is one of the best ways to make money for beginners. A beginner with work experience is likely to get a good position in the state but can take a few light orders and thus get the necessary skills that will be useful for further development. 

We understand where and how you can earn in the network. For example, if you are into online slots and live dealer casino india, you can become a copywriter for branded gambling sites or even a developer of new games!

We have compiled the top freelance sites for you and give tips on developing faster. 

Remote work through electronic platforms – pros and cons

Before you study exchanges, you need to understand whether mapmaking in the network will suit you. Remote work and freelancing have their advantages and disadvantages. 

To begin with, let’s understand the concepts. Remote work – when you work in the company’s staff, as in the office, just from home. Freelance – when you perform a lot of orders, or part-time work, for different clients. In the material, we will consider freelancing. 

Freelancing has its advantages:

  • Free schedule. You can work when it is convenient – late at night, early in the morning, a couple of hours in the middle of the day. You build your work schedule, and you can leave on business at any time – for example, to pick up a child from kindergarten or go to the store. And if necessary, arrange a day off in the middle of the week – not to take orders. 
  • Adjustable workload. Freelancer himself submits requests for orders and negotiates the terms so that he can regulate the load. For example, take up to one project per week. Or vice versa, take on any job to get more money. 
  • Work from home. You do not need to spend time driving to the office; there is no dress code. You can work at least in the office, at least in the bedroom. But this can also be a disadvantage – for example, if the house is noisy, it will be difficult to concentrate. Then you can rent an office or go to a co-working space. 
  • Lack of a boss. Freelancers have no boss: they build mutually beneficial relationships with clients. Therefore, they can easily refuse to cooperate if they don’t like something – for example, if the customer demands the impossible or torments them with meaningless edits. You can only do this in person. 

There are disadvantages, too:

  • Possible fraud. In free-floating and freelance exchanges, you may encounter fraudsters – they place an order but do not pay for it. To avoid fraud, you can use the services of a guarantor (third party) or take an advance payment. Read more about what is post-payment and prepayment at the link. 
  • Lack of stability. No one can guarantee that you will consistently receive ten projects per month. There will likely be periods when there will be no orders at all. And periods when there will be too many of them. 
  • Social isolation. Freelancing will be hard for extroverts because this part-time work involves online communication. Introverts, on the contrary, such a mode will suit them – they will not have to go to the office every day and communicate with people there. 
  • Lack of social package. Freelancers usually work without registration, without even concluding contracts. Therefore, they can not count on vacations and sick days – if you suddenly get sick, you will have to open a financial safety cushion. You can only rely on a big pension if you become self-employed and work without paying taxes. 

Compare the pros and cons of freelancing and consider whether you can work remotely. Better yet, try it for a few months: that way, you will make the right choice. 

Top International Freelancing Exchanges

We have compiled a rating of the best freelance exchanges. It includes the most significant sites where you can take orders for programming, copywriting, SMM, SEO promotion in Google, design and other types of work. 


Upwork is the largest international freelance exchange. The main sections of orders on it are design and creative, development and IT, sales and marketing, copywriting and translation, finance and accounting. There are orders for lawyers, architects, web admins and engineers. 

The advantage of the exchange is that you can work with well-known companies – Microsoft, Airbnb, Dropbox and others. Naturally, you will need knowledge of English: the interface is written in it and is also used to describe orders. 

The principle of operation of the exchange is standard. Clients publish tasks, and freelancers respond to them. When the client chooses a performer, the order amount is blocked on his account. And if the freelancer has done the work, the payment goes to his account. 


Fiverr is another freelancing exchange. On it, you can get orders for logo design, creating blog texts, video editing, audio recording and many other types of work. 

The principle of work of the exchange is different from the standard one. Clients do not publish orders here but buy services. Freelancers themselves create a gig: it is a description of the service with its cost. You set the price of a gig yourself: 5, 10, 15 or 75 dollars or any other amount. 5 dollars is the minimum price. 

Clients will look for you themselves, so standing out among other offers is essential. Show examples of work, discuss your advantages or specialization, and pick an attractive image. Also critical is the rating: in most cases, customers prefer proven performers. It will take a lot of work for a newcomer to start. 

How to make money on freelance sites if you don’t know how to do anything

There are three ways: start small, perform the simplest tasks or engage in reselling services. 

To start small is to get the skills you need for the job. For example, there are industries where you can start without experience. It is copywriting: any literate person can cope with writing a simple text. Over time, you’ll learn to identify the goals and objectives of the text, brief the client, build a portrait of the target audience and make texts that solve business problems. 

In other industries, getting started, such as design and layout, is more challenging. You need at least minimal skills there. But you can get them too if you learn from the information in open sources or take training-free courses. At first, you can qualify only for low-paid orders, but as you develop, you will gain experience. 

You can perform the simplest tasks without specialization. On freelance exchanges, you can often find tasks like calling a base of potential clients or the most straightforward processing of images. You don’t need special skills to perform them.